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Epic Skills

Helping land and construction professionals connect and prepare for their next transition.
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Hi! My name is Ryan Fairbanks and I’m glad you’re here.

My mission is to help land and construction professionals connect with others in the field and provide them with skill development and proficiency to prepare them for their next transition. I love helping land and construction professionals move forward in their careers and lives, improving skills, habits, and expertise.

I’ve been an Independent Contractor for 20 years and help you build your Effective Principled Independent Contractor (EPIC) Skills so that you can move mountains by processing your thoughts, connecting with your heart, planning and doing EPIC activities to amplify your life, business, and relationships!


Photo credit: Melinda Smith Photography


Photo credit: Melinda Smith Photography

Landman Pivot Podcast

The Landman Pivot podcast, hosted by Ryan Fairbanks, provides a place for land and construction professionals to connect, learn new skills, and prepare for upcoming transitions.

You can join us wherever you listen to podcasts, or see our latest episode below.

Mastermind Groups

“It’s so valuable and helpful; to have you walking the path with me as I figure out where I’m going and what my next steps are. Thank you so much!”

-Mike W., New York

“I trust Ryan also with my career decisions!”

-Kimberly S., Georgia

“I feel very engaged and heard when we meet. I was thinking, driving home (from our session) how great it is to have a partner work through the book with me and keep me on task. Beyond beneficial!”

-Bobby, Utah

“Ryan just keeps showing up authentically for others. It’s who he is. He has done this for me personally, but I see him doing this for others on a consistent basis. He is extremely impacting with how he shows up.”

-Mark D., Oklahoma

“You have always had a deep, basic desire to help other people.”

-Robert H., Utah

“You helped me tap into casting the vision, getting everything in line, and organizing what tasks need to be done. Making mistakes is part of the journey. You learn from them the mistakes that you would like to not do ever again. I’m excited for where this is going. I like how the book is unfolding.”

-Mike W., New York

”With Ryan, it’s less invasive, not in my face, not about large numbers marketing and pushy like it is from corporate or franchise coaches. He will explore with you the possibilities and opportunities without having an agenda to push.” -Scott, Colorado

”Having a conversation with Ryan Fairbanks IS personal development.”

-Steve H., Colorado

Founder and Coach at Good Guys 2 Great Men